Memorial to the labour voucher used in “Modern Times” mutualist commune for a period of time in 1851, inspired by cost the limit of price, one of the first experiences in social currencies.



Mutual Credit Token

 Smart Social Contract for Ecofintech Coop's Open Collaborative Network.

 mutual support







'Proof of Value'

Minting correspond to a consensus protocol between decentralised cooperative workers. The DAO/DC mechanism rewards work contributions to the value network.








Decentralized Self-governance

Together with LOVE, a carework accounting token, LABOR & LOVE serves stakeholders for a holistic weighted decission making mechanism in the decentralised cooperative.










An Economic Model for Decentralized Blockchain Cooperatives

A bootstrap initial token offering based on open value creation, accounting and distribution. In a second stage evolves to a commodity reaching cryptocurrency markets, growing in capitalization value. In a final stage it consolidate itself in form of digital currency for circular economy.







Global Token Confederation

Through Confoederatio, a collaborative economy cluster made of decentralised cooperatives (DCs) and DAOs, federated entities in WOT can trade their labor tokens in exchange for goods and services and access to financial instruments.












Contract: (coming soon)

Symbol: LABOR

Decimals: 8

Type: RRC-20 Mintable/burnable Asset Backed Token

Network: RSK (Bitcoin sidechain)

Asset Price = integer 3 (1 LABOR = 3 hours' labor )










Get LABOR tokens in exchanges for crowdfunding our work and participate in Ecofintech Coop's ecosystem!

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