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Memorial to the labour voucher used in “Modern Times” mutualist commune for a period of time in 1851, inspired by cost the limit of price, one of the first experiences in social currencies.

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Mutual Credit

 Smart Social Contract for Ecofintech Coop's Open Value Network

 mutual support




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'Proof of Value'

Process of mining correspond to a consensus protocol between coop's workers. The DAOcoop mechanism, powered by DAOstack, rewards contributions in value added for the network



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Decentralized Self-governance

Together with a carework accounting token, LABOR & LOVE serves stakeholders for decission making mechanism in an open platform cooperative dapp




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An Economic Model for Decentralized Blockchain Cooperatives

A bootstrap initial token based on value creation, accounting and distribution, that later evolve to a commodity at reaching cryptocurrency markets, growing in capitalization value, and finally consolidate itself in form of digital currency for circular economy



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Global Token Confederation

Through Confoederatio Platform, associated decentralized cooperatives (DCs) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) can trade their labor tokens in exchange for goods and services between each others.



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Contract: 0x7A9C168070F700D569c2B4CC6c908C27271C250B

Symbol: LABOR

Decimals: 8

Type: Mintable/burnable Asset Backed Token. ERC-20 Ethereum.

Asset Price = integer 3 (1 LABOR = 3 hours' labor )

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Buy LABOR tokens in exchanges for supporting our work and participate in Ecofintech Coop's ecosystem!

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